Photograph by © Katie Moore


I’m more than you think

I am Ryan Diver, a husband, father, chartered engineer, and photographer, based in Holywood Northern Ireland.

You’re probably wondering what being a chartered engineer has to do with photography? Good question! I choose be a photographer because I want to, not because I have to. I am fortunate to have a great engineering career which I love but this hasn’t stopped me pursuing my passion for photography. I get true satisfaction from sharing and capturing special moments between people. There are few ways I'd rather spend my time than with my camera in hand, a few batteries in my pocket, scouting for new and incredible scenes to frame.

I have a very limited number of sessions available each year to work with fun loving couples and families! This makes every session truly special to me and allows me to devote more time than most to those who let me share their world.


My Style

From street photography to contemporary wedding portraiture, I find inspiration everywhere. I try to avoid photographic trends, instead choosing to craft my own style – a true expression of who I am and how I interpret the world.

When I spend time with you I simply melt into the background, letting your love take hold and bubble to the surface in all its natural beauty. I am always watching for that decisive moment, the one that defines your relationship: the little sideways glance, the softest of touches, or the all out passionate embrace! Sure, I might provide a little direction from time to time but my words only aim to catalyse the love I see before me.

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My photographs

Unlike many photographers I do not simply apply a one-click edit to my photographs and ship you the results. The memories I capture for you are important and deserve time for carefully editing, making sure everything is just perfect.

Sitting down to edit, I grab a coffee (or three) and invest serious time reviewing, selecting, and processing only the best frames. Once selected I add my own signature look, making sure that there is perfection in even the finest of details. It’s only because I shoot a very limited number of sessions each year that I can afford to invest the right amount of time crafting photographs.

My frames take inspiration from classic film but with my own unique twist. My colour images use restrained yet vibrant colours, with a punch of rich contrast and deep blacks. For black and whites, I have found a delicate balance of shadows, highlights, grain, and tones, to create a timeless and nostalgic frame full of emotion - perfect for telling incredible stories.

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Capturing love

My first love is harnessing raw emotion and passion in imposing environments, to empower my photographs. I seek couples and families who are willing to go that little bit further for the perfect shot! Prepare yourselves to get a little messy! But trust me, it will be well worth it!

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Why should couples have all the fun?

Modern wedding and engagement photography is thriving. There are amazing photographers out there taking stunning images across the globe but why should couples get all the best work?!

Unlike many of my peers, I do not limit my work to weddings and engagements. I want to bring the same level of style, care and attention to detail to family photography!

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Company details

"Ryan Diver Photography" is a trading name of Diver Limited.

VAT number: 261434717