Tina and Steven's engagement shoot at Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

The meet-up!

I stood outside my car momentarily and took in the warmth of the evening sun. It was the 6th of July, and for a little over a month Northern Ireland had been basking in high temperatures, glowing sunshine and (mostly) cloud free skies; hose pipes had been banned. Northern Ireland was experiencing an incredible run of weather and I was glad to see it continue - this evening, I had an engagement shoot!


Comfortably warm I jumped into the car and headed out to collect Tina and Steven, the handsome couple and fellow residents of Holywood. This was to be my first time driving clients to their shoot. I figured it would be a great opportunity to calm any pre-shoot nerves and talk through the evening's storyboard.

Tina and Steven were amazing company, so much so I'm now seriously considering offering this as an optional extra in my engagement package!

Our destination was Ballintoy harbour, a small stretch of coastline nestled between Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and White Park Bay and part of Northern Ireland's stunning northern shoreline. If you've seen the photos in my previous engagement blog you'll know why I'm a fan of this location! 

As we took the winding road down to the harbour the sun was slowly making its way towards the horizon, signalling the arrival of golden hour. A transient part of the evening when sunlight takes on a whole new character, bathing the world in gorgeous warm tones. I couldn't wait to play with the light!

As we exited the car, Tina and Steven stalled for a second, their breath stolen by the beauty of their surroundings. Neither had visited Ballintoy before and their reactions reflected mine when I first saw this place. As I fastened my cameras to my belt I invited them to walk out ahead of me along the beach where they could relax and enjoy eachother's company, distraction free, before I set about capturing their story.

As I watched them walk along the warm sun-kissed beach I knew we were in for a treat! 

The story

This is part of my blog where I intended to put a little narrative behind each couple's shoot. But, like my last engagement post, I have decided to reserve this section purely for photos. A place where images of love, friendship, natural beauty, and photography take centre stage.


P.S If you make it to the bottom of the page there is a little slideshow Easter egg waiting for you!


A little info about the slideshow...

Rob Dight introduced me to Pixellu's Smart Slides service a few weeks prior to this shoot. Smart Slides is a subscription service (if you choose to remove the watermark) which allows you to create stunning, minimalist slideshows. Pixellu even offer some fantastic tracks to enhance the mood of your slideshow. It's sure to bring a smile to your couples faces!

Full disclosure: I have no affiliation with Pixellu and this is not a paid promotion. 

Are you next?

If you're interested in exploring Northern Ireland's stunning coastline with the one you love then get in touch here! I can't wait to capture your love story!