Sarah & Ross's engagement shoot at Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

The meet-up!

On the 18th of May, Rob Dight (check him out here!) and I headed to the film location for Game of Thrones' Iron Islands a.k.a. Ballintoy Harbour (here), for a sunset engagement shoot. Ballintoy is one of many jaw-dropping locations dotted along Northern Ireland's north coast. As photographers, we are blessed to have such natural beauty on our doorstep and I encourage everyone (photographer or not) to head north and check it out!

The time ticked past 7:15 pm as Rob and I navigated our way down the twisty road leading to the harbour. We were there to meet Sarah & Ross, a recently engaged couple who had made the 70 mile journey from Newtownards to enjoy an Atlantic Ocean sunset. That's commitment!  

Rob and I were greeted with beaming smiles. I could tell immediately that this couple was going to be great to work with! After introductions, Rob invited Sarah and Ross to walk out ahead of us, giving them time alone to set the mood. As I watched them walk along the beach, hand-in-hand, I knew we were in for a memorable evening. I grabbed my cameras and headed after them.

The next couple of hours left me speechless.

The story

Normally this is the part of the blog where I describe the engagement shoot, the love I witnessed, and perhaps a little technical insight into my pictures. However, on this occasion, words simply won't do it justice. Sarah and Ross absolutely smashed it and their images deserve centre stage.

What follows is a series of frames from Ballintoy, showing the breathtaking scenes that make-up this couple's engagement story. Enjoy.

Are you next?

If you're interested in exploring Northern Ireland's stunning coastline with the one you love then get in touch here! I can't wait to capture your love story!