Privacy policy

Your privacy

If you are reading this page it probably means you are concerned about your privacy - just right! Let me start by saying that, should you choose to use my services, you can be assured that I am protecting your privacy as far as modern technology will allow.

So, on to the detail.

Below is some information on how I collect, store and use your data. Please read this carefully, it is important that you understand your rights and what I am doing at Ryan Diver Photography to accommodate them and protect your data. If you have any questions about the content of this page or how I provide my service, please get in touch.

What data do I ask for?

I rely heavily on communication to engage with my clients. Open and honest communication is something I value and it is a cornerstone of how I choose to operate my business. To communicate effectively I require little snippets of your personal data, otherwise I might end up talking to myself...! But don’t worry, I never ask for more than I need and it will only ever be used to fulfil the services I provide!

When you get in touch with Ryan Diver Photography you will be asked to provide the following pieces of personal information on the contact form:

  • Your name
  • Your home address
  • Your email address
  • Your telephone number

That’s it. I no not ask for any more personal data. I also do not have cookies enabled on my website.

All the information I request on the contact form is optional but you may want to provide at least one email or telephone number, otherwise I can't contact you!

Although not on the list, it goes without saying that I will collect face-based data i.e. photographs of you - I wouldn't be much of a photographer if I didn't take photographs! There is a little more detail on this specific data in the "Use of photographs" section at the bottom of this page.

How do I collect your data?

I may collect your data in the following ways:

  • The contact form on my website
  • Follow-up emails and/or telephone calls
  • When I take your photograph
  • When you contact me via Ryan Diver Photography's Instagram or Facebook accounts

When you complete me via this website your details are emailed to my business email address hosted by Google. This account is a secured with password protection and two-factor authentication.

After you contact me I will always email or call you (depending on what information you have provided). This is to help me get to know you and arrange the final time, date and location of future shoots. At this stage I may ask you for information that was not included in your initial contact form, but which is necessary for me to complete my work. This will never be more than is already listed under the section “What data do I ask for?”.

As part of providing a photography service I need to take photographs of you, you partner, family, and/or guests at weddings and other events. Photographs are considered data and more detail on this specific data is available in the "Use of photographs" section.

I encourage you to contact me via the form on my website. If you do decide to reach out to be via my business's Instagram and/or Facebook accounts, I will ask that you send me an email to continue our conversation. For peace of mind, both social media accounts are password protected and have two-factor authentication enabled.

I have an activity tracker on my website to help me see popular content. This records the IP address of visitors and some basic information about the device they visited on i.e. Android phone, iPhone etc. I will never us your IP address for anything malicious (I wouldn't even know how!) and this data is only available through the admin portal for my website which only I have access to via a password and two-factor authentication.

How do I store your data?

I store your personal details and photographs on one (or more) of the following:

  • My secured business email account hosted by Google
  • Encrypted HDDs and SSDs
  • On Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage system (two-factor authentication protected)

If, after you have reached out to me, you choose not to use my services, I will remove your details from all storage locations. Your data will never be stored in my personal email account.

Please note that I will soon be updating my storage solution to NAS drives. This privacy policy will be updated to reflect this change after I have purchased a secure NAS system.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

You have the right to access personal information I hold about you and to ask that your personal information be sent to you, updated, corrected, or deleted. If you would like to exercise this right, please contact me at any time.

Although you hold this legal right, I kindly ask that you wait until after you have received your photographs and/or prints to make deletion requests. If you ask me to delete your personal data before I issue digital or printed photographs I will not be able to contact you!

How I use your data

I may use your data in one or more of the following ways:

  • To arrange the date, time and location of photoshoots.
  • To send you the digital and/or printed photographs/albums you paid for
  • To share with a second shooter if one is being used
  • I may use your name in blog posts, or on Instagram and Facebook

The latter two bullet points will not be exercised without your written permission and I can remove your full names at any time, just ask!

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. However, if I am required to use your data for any other reason I will not do so without first asking your permission.

I do not have a mailing service, so you won't be bombarded by unnecessary emails from me!

Use of photographs

As a photographer I am expected to take images of you and those close to you during events, weddings, family shoots etc. That is why you hire me after all!

If you have spent time browsing this website and its associated social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) you will almost certainly have seen examples of my previous work on public display. As a photographer it is useful to demonstrate my work to prospective clients, so they know how I compose and edit my photographs. After all, you need to make sure you like my work before you pay for it!

To fulfil the above I ask for explicit consent from you to use your image on this website and its associated Instagram and Facebook pages. Consent requests are built into my contact form, but your consent is not necessary for me to provide a photographic service. FYI, I will often check with you after an event as to whether you are still OK or not with me using your image(s) on my website or social media accounts; I will confirm your response via email.

I will never share your image(s) with a third party or use it/them on an advertisement without first receiving your written permission by email or otherwise to do so. Unfortunately, once in the public domain, I have limited control over reposts of your image(s) on other social media accounts such as Instagram. I will make every effort to track such activity and make you aware of it when it happens.

It is important to note that the consent you provide on my contact form only applies to you as an individual. If others will be in attendance during a shoot e.g. you partner, family, friends, or guests, I kindly ask that you inform them of my presence and ask if any of them have objections to being photographed as part of the service and their image(s) shared on my website and/or social media accounts. I will oblige with any guest's request to not have their image taken and/or shared.

All your face-based data, as well as that of your partner, family, friends, or other guests is safely stored as per the section "How do I store your data?".